designed in Scotland

Tilis: Exploration

a tabletop adventure in outer space

About Tilis

Tilis: Exploration is a strategy-based area control board game, currently in the later stages of the prototype development process.

In Tilis: Exploration, six distinct species of aliens take part in a race for exploiting the natural resources of an uncharted planet. Each of them have a unique special ability which, when cleverly implemented, will bring them closer to the goal of being the first one to dig up twenty gems from under the planet’s surface

The design process

Tilis is a hobby project that we’ve been working on since April 2016. The process of designing a board game was at the time new to both of us, and we’ve learnt a lot since then.

It has involved using a lot of coloured pens, many hours spent painstakingly cutting out tiny pieces of paper and cardboard, as well as a fair dose of probability calculations done at those hours of the night during which human brains are not usually expected to function very well anymore.

Andrew, happy about having cut out about 500 5x5mm flimsy squares of paper.

That’s all very well but…

Has it been playtested?

At first we made our partners and later our friends playtest our game. In the early stages the game was truly horrible to play – it just didn’t work very well. Luckily, we got a lot of very useful feedback from those who suffered the early playtests and, after many iterations, the game became what it is today – something we’re actually both rather proud of.

We also playtested our game at the Edinburgh Playtest group, a monthly meeting organized by Ian from the Giant Brain podcast (

Recently, we got a chance to have our game playtested at the Playtest Zone at the Tabletop Scotland Convention in Perth, on 1-2 September 2018. We had a blast there and really enjoyed watching strangers play Tilis.

Latest News

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Natalia Zon


Currently trying to finally finish my PhD in Computer Science while working full time as a Software Developer at Canon Medical Research in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Favourite tabletop games: Discworld Ankh-Morpork, Blue Moon Legends and Eldrith Horror.

Andrew McLeod


I am a postdoc working in the school of informatics at Kyoto University in Japan.

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What’s next? We don’t know yet… but we’re hoping to publish the game somehow, at some point. For latest news, follow us on Facebook!